How to install the Preset Pack in Lightroom Mobile:

Step 1: Unzip the preset pack on your desktop. If downloading directly to your phone, install the free iZip app first for iPhone or Files by Google for Android to unzip the preset pack.

Step 2: Upload the .dng files to your cloud storage (for example GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc) and then save them to your phone. If you’re a Mac/iPhone user, you can Airdrop the files.

Step 3: Open Lightroom Mobile on your phone. (It’s free to download, all you need is an Adobe account–also free.)

Step 4: Create a new Album and name it what you like. I use “Elle’s Presets.”

Step 5: Click on the “…” Settings Button and select Add Photos.

Step 6: Choose the location on your phone where you saved the .dng files. This will either be Camera Roll or Files.

Step 7: Select the .dng file you want to add and it will be installed into the app.

Step 8: Open one of the .dng photos and click on the “…” Settings Button.

Step 9: Click “Create Preset” and save it with a name. You can use the name I’ve provided or create your own. You can also create a new Preset Group for it if you like. You will need to do this for each preset.

Step 10: Go back to Your Photos in the Lightroom App. Select a photo you would like to edit. At the bottom slide the menu all the way over and select “Presets.” Apply your new preset.